Transfer systems for bulk goods

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We deliver our bulk material transfer systems with suitable technology according to costumer’s needs. Our firm designs, produces these systems with all of the machines, necessary parts and installs the complete plants with electric work. We undertake general execution of bulk transfer systems, starting with design and finishing with „ready to run” handover.

Our transfer systems are suitable for transporting and unloading case of many types of bulk materials, with the help of several types of transporting machines. The transportable material can be corrosive, too (salt, chemical fertilizer, etc.). The transfer is possible from railway, ship or lorry - to railway, ship, lorry or other storage places or silos.

Equipment applied in bulk material transfer systems:

     - Belt conveyors
     - Reversible belt conveyors
     - Swinging belt conveyors
     - Conveyor belts with moveable outfeed point
     - Vibration feeders
     - Slat-chain conveyors
     - Telescopic chutes
     - Screws
     - Chain-driven transporting equipments
     - Elevators
     - Etc.