Quality policy

Gépsystem Kft. makes an effort that all of its activities would meet the reqiuerements of our costumers’ expectations, the authoritative laws and the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

The main intention of the management is that Gépsystem Kft. make perfect products for its costumers, utilising our engineers’ and technicians’ experiences.

We intend to execute our quality policy with operation of an internationally certified quality management system in which the development of quality bulks large. This effort is known by all of our employees and they take part in the realisation activly.

Our additional aims are to supply and produce excellent high quality parts and machines, accomplish the contents of our contracts properly, to achieve and retain our costumers’ satisfaction.

We expect reliable, precise and adequate for our requirements attitude from our suppliers.
Our further aims are increasing the reliance and deeping the relationship with our costumers.

The commitment of quality, the new-quality attitude, the quality sense, the quality centered thinking are compulsory for all of our employees. The leading of Gépsystem Kft. covenants for the adherence of the contents of our quality management system. We are renewing our quality management system continuously and we form it according to the variable circumstances.