The products of GÉPSYSTEM Kft. belong to the group of transporting and processing equipments, complete systems and non-series machines. We accompany our products throughout their total life cycle, from the designing phase until manufacturing and installation, or even maintenance services, if requested.

Our machines and systems are suitable for the within named inustry: rock and gravel mining, waste handling, building industry, biomass preparation and processing (energetics), agrarian machine industry, food industry, machine production, wood industry, logistics and transporting, etc. Where transporting and processing machines and systems are necessary we can provide proper and reliable solutions.

  • Systems

    Our systems are fully equipped, „ready to run” systems. In addition to mechanical activities we are ready to undertake electrical and installation work or even software programming.

    We design and make complete plants and systems for rock and gravel mining and processing, for other mining works, for waste handling, for biomass preparation of power plants, for parcel sorting of logistic companies. We construct transfer systems for bulk goods for ships, trains, and lorries or for loading between these vehicles or for unique claims.


  • Machines

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    In general the machines are the part of our complete systems which were designed and installed by our firm but we undertake the design and manufacture of single and non-serial machines too. Our machines cover a wide range of the material process devices and cover almost the total range of the continuously actuating transport machines. The material processing machines are of waste handling, biomass preparing, gravel and rock crushing and sorting appliances. Our transport machines are conveyor belts, elevators, screws, chain conveyors, roller lines, vibrating feeders, gravel and sand washers, etc.

    Gépsystem Kft. designs and products non-serial machines for machine production, food industry, wood industry, rubber industry, plastic industry and many other fields of manufacture.

    Our machines are uniquely designed and produced appliances, tailor made  in line with our partners’ request, the surroundings and any other important conditions.

    Machines which are designed, manufactured and traded by Gépsystem:

    Transporting equipment for various fields of industry
         Belt conveyors:  - trough or flat belts
                                   - chevron belts
                                   - belts with side walls
                                   - sliding belts
                                   - steel carrying surfaces
                                   - modular plastic belts
                                   - etc.
         Roller lines:        - straight
                                   - bent
                                   - reject stations
         Chain conveyors
         Bucket elevators
         Telescopic chutes
         Excentrical vibration feeders
         Flat feeders
         Roller containers
         Travelling cranes


    Stone crushers
         Vertical shaft impactor (VSI) crushers
         Hammer crushers

    Sorting equipment for various fields of industry
         Dewatering screens
         Log washers
         Dehidrators with screw feeders
         Air-blast sorters
         MPB (ARB) sorters

    Machines for food industry
         Stuffed waffle maker
         Pop-Corn makers
         Screw conveyors

    Non-series machines for special applications
         Hydraulic presses
         Rubber belt gluer press
         Rubber belt slicer

  • Frames

    Frames are also parts of our product portfolio, meaning both design and production. These can be non-serial steel structures, screen frames, cranes, etc. Our designers use the modernest computer technologies to control their plans and models.


  • Design, manufacturing, installation

    The engineers of Gépsystem Kft. use a number of modern computer solutions for their day to day work. We use FEM softwares to analyze our machines, frames, conveyors; 2D and 3D CAD softwares help our work in the phase of design and we apply CAM systems in the production. The suitable CAD programes permit of exact design and with the help of it we can make correct and spectacular quotation drawings. Owing to FEM applications we can make static, dinamic, thermal, wear and flow analyzis in the case of complicated models too such as conveyors’ frame structures.

    The part manufacturing and the assembling are made by suitable machines and experts who have got experience in these professional areas. We make the installations on the spot with our mobile cranes and experts too. We can transport our products till 3,5 t and 2500x6000 mm in our own lorries.

    Locksmith’s machines:

    lakatos munka 1.jpg
    hulladekvalogato szereles.jpg
    hulladekfeldolgozo 3.jpg

    - Fineplasma and flame cutting machine
         - max. thickness (flame): 120 mm
         - max. thickness (plasma): 60 mm
         - max. current strength: 260 A
         - table size: 2000×13000 mm

    - Plate shears
         - max. thickness: 8 mm
         - max. cutting size: 3000 mm

    - Plate roll
         - max. thickness: 25 mm (R=2400 mm)
         - max. rolling lenght: 2000 mm

    - Edge bending
         - max. bending force: 100 t
         - max. bending length: 3000 mm

    - Edge bending
         - max. bending force: 220 t
         - max. bending length: 4000 mm

    - Hydraulic press
         - max. pressing force: 200 t
         - max. stroke length: 650 mm

    - Semi-automatic bandsaw
         - max. sawing height: 440 mm
         - max. sawing width: 610 mm
         - angle range: 0-60 deg

    Cutting and turning machines:

    - Pivot lathe
         - pivot distance: 1000 mm
         - max. cutting diameter over bed: Ø500 mm
         - max cutting diameter over cross slide: Ø260 mm

    - Pivot lathe
         - pivot distance: 1000 mm
         - max. cutting diameter over bed: Ø300 mm
         - max cutting diameter over cross slide: Ø200 mm

    - Pivot lathe
         - pivot distance: 2800 mm
         - max. cutting diameter over bed: Ø800 mm
         - max cutting diameter over cross slide: Ø490 mm

    - Pivot lathe
         - pivot distance: 1500 mm
         - max. cutting diameter over bed: Ø508 mm
         - max cutting diameter over cross slide: Ø353 mm

    - Universal milling machine
         - table size: 320×1500 mm

    - Vertical milling machine
         - table size: 2100×500 mm
         - spindle-table distance: 0-700 mm

    - Horizontal boring milling machine
         - max. diameter by boring: Ø355 mm
         - max. diameter: Ø630 mm
         - max. boring depth: 560 mm
         - Rotary table dimensions: 710×900 mm

    - Slotting machine
         - max. groove length: 350 mm
         - max. groove width: 30 mm

    Machines for gear producing:

    - Gear grinding machine
         - till 3 module
         - max. gearwheel diameter: Ø200 mm

    Our vehicles:

    - Mobile crane 20 t
    - Mobile crane 13 t
    - Mobile crane 7 t
    - Lorry 3,5 t (opened)
    - Lorry 1,5 t (opened)
    - Service van 1,5 t
    - Service car
    - Fork-lift trailer 2 t
    - Fork-lift trailer 4 t