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In general the machines are the part of our complete systems which were designed and installed by our firm but we undertake the design and manufacture of single and non-serial machines too. Our machines cover a wide range of the material process devices and cover almost the total range of the continuously actuating transport machines. The material processing machines are of waste handling, biomass preparing, gravel and rock crushing and sorting appliances. Our transport machines are conveyor belts, elevators, screws, chain conveyors, roller lines, vibrating feeders, gravel and sand washers, etc.

Gépsystem Kft. designs and products non-serial machines for machine production, food industry, wood industry, rubber industry, plastic industry and many other fields of manufacture.

Our machines are uniquely designed and produced appliances, tailor made  in line with our partners’ request, the surroundings and any other important conditions.

Machines which are designed, manufactured and traded by Gépsystem:

Transporting equipment for various fields of industry
     Belt conveyors:  - trough or flat belts
                               - chevron belts
                               - belts with side walls
                               - sliding belts
                               - steel carrying surfaces
                               - modular plastic belts
                               - etc.
     Roller lines:        - straight
                               - bent
                               - reject stations
     Chain conveyors
     Bucket elevators
     Telescopic chutes
     Excentrical vibration feeders
     Flat feeders
     Roller containers
     Travelling cranes


Stone crushers
     Vertical shaft impactor (VSI) crushers
     Hammer crushers

Sorting equipment for various fields of industry
     Dewatering screens
     Log washers
     Dehidrators with screw feeders
     Air-blast sorters
     MPB (ARB) sorters

Machines for food industry
     Stuffed waffle maker
     Pop-Corn makers
     Screw conveyors

Non-series machines for special applications
     Hydraulic presses
     Rubber belt gluer press
     Rubber belt slicer