Parcel sorting systems
Our parcel sorting systems provide suitable solutions in logistic work for parcel-post and transport companies. Gépsystem Kft. produces all of the necessary items for these systems: conveyor belts (straight, curved), scale belts, chutes, various types of roller bands (straight, curved, belt driven, chain driven, rotatable, etc.), modular plastic belt conveyors, telescopic conveyors for palettes, parcels and smaller piece-goods. We can deliver our systems with complete electronic installation and control system, if the costumers need.

Equipment applied in parcel sorter systems:

     - Conveyor belts
            - straight
            - curved
            - with modular plastic belt
     - Roller bands
            - straight
            - curved
            - rotatable
            - gravity driven
            - belt driven
            - chain driven
     - Steel structures
     - Chutes
     - Side walkways