Biomass processing and feeding systems

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Our biomass processing and feeding systems mean perfect solutions for power plants how to receive and grind the wood or other energy-carrier plants, how to store the shredded material and how to feed the combustion chambers with it.

Equipment applied in biomass processing systems

     - Conveyor belts
     - Chain-driven log transporting equipment
     - Log shakers
     - Vibration feeders
     - Conveyor belts with moveable outfeed point
     - Telescopic chutes


Our power plant biomass preparation systems are delivered according to costumers’ need. You can reed an average technological description hereinafter.

Our biomass grinder, transport and feeding systems are suited for handling cylindrical logs, other wood waste, lumbers and other bio products (energy-reed, agricultural byproducts). In average installating theese systems our company’s tasks are mechanical, architectural, electrical, controll design, complex manufacturing and set in operation. The function of our system starts by admission of logs or other bio products continues with grinding and transporting the chips. The transport section can feed the boiler (furnance) directly or can store the chips in an assigned place, and can feed the furnance from here.

Our installed systems’ max. capacity is 120 t/hour till this moment. They can get on material from railway carriage and from trucks. Logs tables feeding is possible by crane, or by other mobile forest machines or log forwarders. There are two feeding sections, one of them is suitable for bulk and fine material; the other is suitable for logs. The wood chips are discharged through a telescopic chute to minimize the risk of dust emmissions.

At the feeding and the discharge points of the drum-chipper there are dedusting hoovers; from here the dust goes into the dust separator’s sacks. Our systems (if it is the costumer’s need) contain all of the necessary periferial machines e.g. shuck and refuse cleaner, metal detector with a signal system.